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*About famous clowns*

Clowns can become quite popular, as well as other entertainers, but their fame can become quite distracting, and bad as you will see, but here are still the good funny clowns that are all about making people smile and bringing fun and joy to our lives.

Bozo the Clown is from Cleveland and he is considered the most famous clown of all times, because of his 183 TV markets, 200 million TV views, a 10 year waiting list for his shows and more than 50 years of active performing. Bozo the Clown wore shoes of size 83AAA that made him even more famous. This clown brings joy to more than 50 million homes every week and he even adapted Ronald McDonald.

Not every clown is happy and cheerful, that proves Emmett Kelly, Sr. This is also one of the most famous clowns in the world if not even the most famous. He often brought comedy and joy by being clumpy and sad at the same time, but also with his performances, during which he often revealed his tricks. People loved him for his interesting acts and the performances he did in the circus which lasted for quite some time.

But things are not always as fun as that in the world of clowns, because there is also a Killer Clown, which name is John Wayne Gacy. This one was a killer, rapist and was convicted of sexual assault and murder of at least 33 young men and boys. This American serial killer and awful person was active from 1972 to 1978 in Chicago and although he did not kill while being a clown, he had a clown's license and performed as such during this period.

There are many more interesting, funny and cheerful clowns that job it is only to bring joy and happiness to this planet, so feel free to see one, because it will make your day and make you laugh for sure.


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