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*Why are some people scared of clowns?*

This may be the one of the big questions of the last century, and there is an answer to it, so keep reading and feel free to explore this website to learn more fun and interesting things about clowns. The fear itself is called Coulrophobia and it has been around for quite some time, actually as long as there have been clowns that, no one can deny it, look a little scary with the right lightning and especially if there is no one else in the room beside you and the clown.

Some people get just scared and uncomfortable when seeing a clown, while others get terrified and can't stay anywhere close when seeing one. Scientist believe that this is a result of the uncanny valley effect, which is a result of the unsettling nature of nearly human sights and objects. The same happens with robots that look quite like humans or other objects that have the looks and characteristics of humans. Although it is known what the cause for the fear of clowns is, it is not known what the reasons for the very cause are.

Some scientists believe that this effect is made by our brains, as a result of their hard work while deciding what those objects are and while interpreting what they are seeing, while others believe that the whole effect is caused by its connection to the sight of corpses, that are also nearly human objects. This fear can not only kick in by seeing clowns, but also by seeing paintings, video game characters and other nearly human characters and objects.

But the scary stories that are made up with time and only a few ones that are actually true, but only partially, have also made a significant impact on this fear, that can be seen by many people and that can sometimes be quite funny to those who are not scared of clowns.


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